Slow Old Timey Dobro - Volume #2 - PART 1

Slow Old Timey Dobro - Volume #2 - PART 1


Difficulty Level:

Beginning - Intermediate

This is Volume #2 - Part 1 of a Brand New Series of lessons cover "Old-Timey Dobro". In this lesson I continue talking about how to get that "Old-Timey" sound on your Dobro. Here's some more info about this lesson:

  • In this lesson I focus Slants to get more into that "Old Timey Dobro Sound"
  • I give you pointers on the hardest part of playing SLANTS....."PLAYING THEM IN TUNE!"
  • I cover Scales using Slants and Straight Bar
  • I talk about the differences between Major and Minor Intervals, and how they "Look" on your instrument
  • I cover how to HARMONIZE the major scale using SLANTS
  • I teach some really useful licks using Slants and Intervals of a Major and Minor 3rd
  • I focus a lot on how to get great tone by using muting techniques such as palm blocking and also pick blocking
  • This is a great lesson to get you started down the road of "Old Timey" Dobro Playing!!
  • I tried to keep each part fairly concise, this lesson is just over 30 minutes in length.
  • Comes with Tablature
  • Come with 3 Great Old-Timey MP3 Jam Tracks

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