SLOW 'N PRETTY Dobro® - Part 2

SLOW 'N PRETTY Dobro® - Part 2


This is PART 2 of my lesson "Slow & Pretty Dobro" - Easy Movable Shapes & Patterns. I've broken this lesson up into 2 parts so it's easier to digest, and easier to download.

In this lesson I focus on the MAJOR SCALE and how to think about it in simple movable shapes and patterns, in 3 positions.

  • Over the I Chord
  • Over the IV Chord
  • Over the V Chord

This Lesson is 39 minutes long, it's in HD (High Definition), uses "Split Screen" Technology, and also makes use of Chapters.

Here are all of the Chapters of this lesson: (I focus a lot on the Tablature of Licks in this one.)

  • TAB Measures 8-14
  • TAB Measures 15-21
  • Behind The Bar Exercises
  • TAB Measures 22-28
  • TAB Measures 27-31
  • TAB Measures 32-36
  • Playing The Licks With The Jam Tracks
  • Jam Jam Jam with the Jam Tracks!
  • TAB Measures 37-38
  • TAB Measures 39-40
  • TAB Measures 41-42
  • Playing The Licks With The Jam Tracks
  • Using The Higher Octave Note On The First String
  • TAB Measures 43-44
  • Explanation of "Off Beats" in Music
  • TAB Measures 45-46
  • TAB Measures 47-48
  • TAB Measure 49-50
  • TAB Measure 53-54
  • Playing Licks With The Jam Tracks
  • Really Memorize The Shapes!
  • TAB Measures 55-56
  • TAB Measures 56-57
  • TAB Measures 57-58
  • Ghosted Right Hand Roll
  • Playing Licks With The Jam Tracks
  • Review
  • The End of Part 2

I've made several technological advances that will made your viewing experience even better than before! These include:

  • The Videos are now in Full HD - So you can view them full screen with Fantastic Clarity!!!
  • I'm also now using 3 separate Cameras LIVE, and I have 2 of them set up for SPLIT SCREEN.
  • So now Each Hand has its own clear video shot!!!
  • The other camera is on my face, so when I want to speak to you face to face I can do that now too.
  • I can switch between any camera I want all Live, so the natural flow of the Workshop/Lesson is seamless!

Also this is the first lesson that gives you the ability to skip to whichever part of the Workshop you want to see, just like a DVD, through the use of CHAPTERS!!!

See the picture below to view how to access the CHAPTERS FEATURE IN QUICKTIME:



Once you click on the little icon, you'll be able to see all the different labeled Chapters or Sections. Simply choose whichever section you want to go to!! It's that simple.
The "Chapter Icon" may look a little different on different computers, but I believe the location is about the same.

Here's what it looks like after you click it: CLICK TO VIEW LARGER



Enjoy The Lesson!



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