Movable Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale Patterns for Dobro

Movable Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale Patterns for Dobro

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In this lesson I teach you 5 MOVABLE Patterns or "Shapes" for the Minor Pentatonic & The Blues Scales. This is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the Dobro Fretboard, and expand your understanding of really useful scales that you can imediately start using in your soloing or backup playing. This lesson is also great for people that have a background already in Guitar and know some of the "Boxy Pentatonic Scale Shapes" and want to learn something similar now on Dobro.

This lesson is in the Key of C but everything that I show you is specifically designed to be moved around to work with any key. All 5 Patterns link together to cover one full Octave on the Dobro. So you can really get a complete grasp of the super useful Minor Pentatonic & Blues Scale over your entire fretboard.

  • Full Lesson is Over an Hour Long!!!
  • Comes with 2 Pages of Tablature
  • Comes with 3 Great Bluesy Jam Tracks that you can imediately start using to come up with your own licks using the Scale Patterns I show in this lesson!
  • Learn All 5 Patterns for both the Minor Pentatonic & the Blues Scale.
  • Each Pattern connecting to previous one.
  • Learn How to Visualize Patterns (Straight Lines, Diagonal Lines, etc on Dobro)
  • Great for Jamming!!!
  • Lesson uses Multi-Camera Split Screen to show you exactly what I'm doing.

I think you'll really enjoy this one!!! It's a Fun One!!!


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