DOBRO® BASICS VOLUME #4 - PART A - Your First Songs + Technique!

DOBRO® BASICS VOLUME #4 - PART A - Your First Songs + Technique!


This is Volume #4 PART A - of my Dobro Basics Series. In this lesson I teach you 2 Beginner Songs on Dobro - The song "TAPS" & also a Dobro version of "TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR".

With TAPS I show you how you can play a simple melody in "Closed Position" (no open strings), and how you can use this song to really improve your basic technique both Left Hand & Right Hand.

I'm also teaching you the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". Now, I know what you might be thinking..."Why am I learning a Nursery Rhyme!" However, I picked a really simple song because I'm using these songs to teach you some real Basic Fundamental Techniques on the Dobro, and how you can take a simple single note melody, and HARMONIZE it. If you can understand the Basics of what I'm showing you with this song, you can apply it to most any song you want to play!!

I also show you how both of these songs fit within the Closed Position C Major Scale Shape, and how you can very easily change keys simply by changing the position of your bar/hand.

This Lesson Comes With:

  • The TABLATURE of Both Songs with Right Hand Fingering and For Twinkle Twinkle I have TAB for both the Simple Melody and also the Harmonized Melody.
  • The Video is close to 30 minutes long
  • Now in [HD] with Multi-Cam Split Screen

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