Bluesy Slants & Licks - In The Key of A

Bluesy Slants & Licks - In The Key of A


Difficulty Level:

Beginning - Intermediate

Video #1 - Main Teaching Lesson = 54 Minutes
Video #2 - Quick Reference Video = 14 Minutes

What This Lesson Comes With:
2 Videos, Tablature, and 3 Mp3 Jam Tracks

What This Lesson Covers:
In this lesson we are in the Key of A. I show you various A7 chords using Forward Slants, Reverse Slants, and Straight Bar. I also show you various "Blues Walkups and Walkdowns, as well as Bluesy Slant Licks involving playing the most important notes from the 7th chords. Sliding up to chords and sliding down to the 7th chords.

This is a really fun lesson!



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