Blues Dobro® For the Beginner - In Open D Tuning

Blues Dobro® For the Beginner - In Open D Tuning


Difficulty Level:

Beginning - Intermediate

Video #1 = 54 Minutes
Video #2 = 32 Minutes
Video #3 = 26 Minutes
Quick Reference Video = over 8 minutes

(Close to 2 Hours of Video Instruction for Dobro® in Open D Tuning!)

*** This is a very large download over 700 megabytes please be patient when downloading, and make sure you have enough room to save it on your computer.

What This Lesson Comes With:
4 Videos, 4 Pages of Tablature, 3 Mp3 Blues Jam Tracks

What This Lesson Covers:
This lesson is great for a student just learning the Blues In Open D Tuning on the Squarneck Resonator Guitar (a.k.a. Dobro®).
I start from scratch, teaching your 12 Bar Blues Form and how to "Spice It Up" by substituting chords here and there. I teach a basic Blues Shuffle Rhythm and a great "Kick Off/Turnaround Lick in Open D. I also go over the D Minor Pentatonic Scale which is great for playing with the Blues. I also teach 5 very useful Blues Licks, and take each like and show you where to play it in different Octaves all over the Neck, and how they fit in with the Jam Tracks!!

It come with 4 Videos.
Video #1 - is the main teaching Video.
Video #2 - I teach the licks.
Video #3 - I show how the licks work with the Jam Tracks, and
Video #4 - is a Quick Reference Video where there is no teaching, just a quick run through of how to play everything in the Tablature.

Also comes with 4 pages of Tablature written out in great detail, and 3 awesome Mp3 Jam Tracks to Jam out to the Blues with!!!

Have Fun With This One!!!

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