Andy Hall - Last Chance Getaway - Song + Solo

Andy Hall - Last Chance Getaway - Song + Solo


This is Andy Hall's tune "Last Chance Getaway" (Song & Solo) from his debut solo album entitled "Red Wing" - played and taught by Troy Brenningmeyer.

Difficulty Level:
Intermediate - Advanced

Video #1 (The Song) - 35 minutes
Video #2 (The Solo) - 55 minutes

What This Lesson Comes With:
2 Videos - The Song Lesson & The Solo Lesson - 2 sets of Tablature in .pdf format (3 Pages for the Song and 3 Pages for the Solo), 2 sets of chord charts (1 in the key of G and 1 in the key of A), Mp3 Jam Tracks (minus the Dobro®)

What This Lesson Covers:
I teach the tune "Last Chance Getaway" by Andy Hall (from the Infamous Stringdusters). This tune is on his debut album "Red Wing". There are 2 parts to this video, The Song and The Solo. Each I teach in my standard method, close ups of each hand, phrase by phrase. This song is so much fun to play, and the solo is really challenging, yet very rewarding, and has tons of really great licks!! The song off the album is in the key of A, capo on the 2nd Fret. However, for the lesson I teach it in the key of G. You just need to capo on your second Fret and move everything I teach you up 2 Frets, if you want to play along with the album.

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