#03 - PEDAL STEEL BASICS - Major, Minor, & Dom. 7th Chords

#03 - PEDAL STEEL BASICS - Major, Minor, & Dom. 7th Chords

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This is Volume #3 of my Pedal Steel Basics Lessons for E9 Tuned (10 String) Pedal Steel Guitar. This follows where we left off in Volumes #1, and #2. In this Lesson I'm teaching you several ways of playing Major, Minor, and Domiant 7th chords using various combinations of the "A" PEDAL, "B" PEDAL, and now the LEFT KNEE LEVER LEFT - "LKL" (Raising The E Strings 1/2 Step) and also the LEFT KNEE LEVER RIGHT - "LKR" (Lowering The E Strings 1/2 Step). (*I'm using the Emmons Setup for my Pedals & Levers)

  • Full Lesson is close to an hour long
  • Comes with High Resolution Full Color Chord Diagram - for clear printing or viewing on your computer
  • Sample Key: The Key of G
  • Great for Building Your Chord Vocabulary on E9 Pedal Steel

Have Fun!


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