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How To Use VLC Media Player



How does all of this work?

Please Note: THESE ARE NOT DVD's.

These are Lessons that you DOWNLOAD, SAVE, AND WATCH on Your Computer.

Step 1)
Choose what you want to purchase and click BUY NOW or ADD TO CART.

Step 2)
After purchasing your lessons you will immediately see an invoice. You can either click the Download Links on that invoice, or if you want to download later, you will have received an E-mail titled DOWNLOAD KEYS with that same Invoice with the Download Links.

Another way of Downloading is to Click "ORDERS HISTORY" at the top of my site and you can log in and view/download your lessons that way as well.

Step 3)
Click on the Download Links on the Invocie and then you will be taken back to my site, scroll down the page and Click the DOWNLOAD BUTTON and Save The .ZIP file to your computer

Step 4)
"UNZIP" or "Extract" the file that's now saved on your computer. (*See below for instructions on "HOW TO UNZIP") You then will be able to watch the Movie Lesson, view/print your TABLATURE, or listen to the Mp3 Jam Tracks (if included).

Please Note:

* If you can not Download your lessons right away, you will have 1 Month to Download them. Otherwise you will need to contact me to extend your Download time, if they have expired.

* If you do not see the "DOWNLOAD KEYS" Email in your Inbox, simply check your SPAM FOLDER


You can do that by copying them to an external source of some kind:
- Flash Drive (aka Thumb Drive)
- External Hard Drive
- Burn to a Data DVD or CD



How do I download the Lesson (.ZIP file) directly to my iPad or iPhone?

You can do this a couple ways:

Option #1
If you have a computer, simply plug your iPad into your computer and open up iTunes. Drag the Movie, PDF, and Mp3s over to iTunes and Sync them to your iPad

Option #2
If you want to download directly to your iPad, you need to download an app like "FILER" (for iPad or iPhone) and use it to download, save, and open the ZIP file directly to your iPad

- Download FILER Here.


I'm trying to order using a credit card, but it will not go through, and just keeps saying "Waiting..."

This seems to be a browser issue.

Try ordering using a different browser like: "Firefox", "Safari", "Internet Explorer", "Google Chrome".


How do I “UNZIP” a .ZIP file?

If you are unfamiliar with the unzipping process, here are a couple of useful links.

Unzipping guide for Windows,

StuffIt Expander guide for Mac.

Here are a few links for FREE Unzipping software:

StuffIt Expander (free download for Mac)

7Zip (free download for Windows)


What’s in the .ZIP file?

Here's what is in the Downloaded .ZIP file:

1. The Lesson Video (.mov file)

2. The TABLATURE in .PDF Format and can be viewed in Adobe Reader.  Download free Adobe Reader here.

3. Mp3 Jam Tracks (* if included)


What is this "MACOSX" Folder I see?

This folder has to do with Mac computers and you can just ignore it. It has nothing to do with your lessons.
If you are on a Mac Computer and see it, it just means that your operating system older than OS X 10.3. You too can just ignore this folder.



What software should I use to play the videos?

My Lesson Videos are in .mov format. I recommend using either Quicktime, VLC, or RealPlayer to view them.

Both can be downloaded for free from the links below:

QuickTime  (Windows & MAC)

VLC Media Player (Windows & MAC)

RealPlayer  (Windows)


What software should I use to read the TABLATURE?

The TABLATURE is in .PDF Format  Download free Adobe Reader here.

- I suggest to:

1. Open the .PDF file of the TABLATURE
2. Print it
3. Set it on a music stand infront of you while you watch the lesson.


What software should I use to play the .MP3 Jam Tracks?

Most any music player on your computer will play MP3's

1. Windows Media Player

2. iTunes

3. etc...

I am "OLD", can I still learn how to play Dobro, Lap Steel, etc?

Absolutely! It's never too late to learn to play music, and I have designed my lessons where I teach at a very good tempo and try to go over things more than once, with a great amount of detail.

Just take it slow, don't put too much stress or presure on yourself, and remember to HAVE FUN!!! This can be a really fun exciting new pastime. You can go to jams, travel the country to festivals, meet new people, or simply play at home for your own enjoyment. Music should be a relaxing, fun, challenging new experience.


Do your lessons work on MAC (Apple) Computers.

Yes, they work great on MAC (Apple) Computers.

If you have trouble opening the .ZIP file try StuffIt Expander guide for Mac.



How do I convert your lessons to DVD's so I can watch them on my TV?

You just need to use a program to do so. Here a few programs that can do this:

1. Nero Video Converter - (Here's a video tutorial about how to use Nero to create a DVD from a .Mov file (the format my lessons are in)


3. AVS Video Converter

4. Or just "Google": "Convert .mov to DVD"

Do you sell DVD's of your products?

No I do not sell DVD's

HOWEVER, you can convert my lesson videos yourself to DVD's using one of the following programs:

1. Nero Video Converter - (Here's a video tutorial about how to use Nero to create a DVD from a .Mov file (the format my lessons are in)


3. AVS Video Converter

4. Or just "Google": "Convert .mov to DVD"


When I try to open the .ZIP file it says that it's "Corrupted" or it keeps timing out.

That just means that the .ZIP file didn't download properly, and you should try downloading again.

- If you keep running into the same problem try this:

1. Try Deleting Your Temporary Internet Files

2. Restart Your Computer

2. Try downloading using a different browser like: "Firefox", "Safari", "Internet Explorer", "Google Chrome".

3. Try simply downloading on a different computer.


When I try to open the lesson in "Windows Media Player" I get errors.

You will get errors if you try to open anything other than the MP3's in Windows Media Player.

1. As stated before, first UNZIP the .ZIP File (as mentioned in the steps above)

2. Watch the Video in either:

QuickTime  (Windows & MAC)

VLC Media Player (Windows & MAC)

RealPlayer  (Windows)

3. Open the TABLATURE (.PDF) in Adobe Reader.


When I click on my download link it says "You Have Nothing To Download" or "Your Download Has Expired".

No problem, that just means that you waited more than the alloted time to download your lesson.

Just send me an email telling me your need your lesson reactived and I'll make sure you get your lesson.


I've downloaded the lesson (.ZIP file), but I don't know where it is.

1. If you have a Windows computer it probably just went to your DOWNLOADS folder.

Click here to learn where your DOWNLOADS folder is on a Windows computer.

2. If you have a MAC (Apple) computer it also went to your downloads folder.

Click  "FINDER" - then Click your "Home" icon --- then Click the "DOWNLOADS FOLDER"


I live out "In The Middle Of Nowhere" and do not have "High Speed Internet".

How can I get your lessons?

I suggest one of the following:

1. Bring your Laptop Computer to someplace that has High-Speed Internet and download there.

For example: A Friend or Family members house, McDonalds, a Coffee Shop, Cafe, Library, Church, etc

2. If you are totally out of luck for High Speed Interent, give me a call and I will help you think of other options.


I know nothing about computers, but I still want your lessons, can you help me?

Absolutley, it's never too late to learn something new. If you do not have a friend or family member around to give you help with the computer, simply give me a call and I will do everything I can to help you out.